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Social Media Rules of Engagement that could double your business

I'm putting on a FREE social media event along with Nick McLean Real Estate Group in Wenatchee, Wa. on Sept. 13th from 4 pm 5 pm at the CTC building in Wenatchee.

Sign up for FREE here while seats are available.

Event Post:

Are you an entrepreneur that is wanting to grow your opportunities, leads, and brand without having to buy outdated marketing like newspaper ads or radio?

Ever wondered how social media could impact your business?

More than 2Xs as many people are on Facebook at 8 PM every night than watch the Superbowl….

The Nick McLean Real Estate Group has leveraged Facebook to reach thousands and thousands of people each week throughout North Central WA for a fraction of their normal marketing spend. For the first time ever, and for a select group of people, we want to invite you to find out how we do it and how our special guest David Mabee took a company from 0 likes on Facebook to over 1.1 Million!

I know what your thinking 1.1 Million likes, no way or yeah but, that was a big company. The truth will be shocking. The company essentially started in a garage were David helped stuff envelopes. Back then it was much harder. Fortunately for you the technology exists for you to reach your ideal client instantly and consistently driving sales!

The truth is you have the most powerful marketing tool ever created at your fingertips and if you could only decide to use it your business will be guaranteed to grow

David Mabee owner and CEO of Mabee Media will pull back the curtain and dispel the myths about social media advertising. You will walk away with knowledge and tactics that you can implement into your business that will get results.

This event is part of the Behind the N series create by Nick McLean to share knowledge with like minded entrepreneurs who want to grow in all aspects of their life and business.

Join Real Estate Greatness in presenting Social Media Made Easier W/ David Mabee.

FREE Social Media Event in Wenatchee, Wa.

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